Are you a self employed therapist or do you have an associated holistic business?

If so, this Seminar is a must for you, your business and your long suffering family and friends who have probably had to put up with an often tired and frustrated you.

These seminars are being held at a very special 12th Century Monastery in rural France and are limited to just 8 Ladies per seminar.  Being a therapist can be a lonely occupation even though you are dealing with people all the time.  The world needs more healers and therapists and many are falling by the wayside as they struggle on alone, giving all their energy into caring for others.

My special seminar provides an opportunity for you to network with other professionals, share ideas and therapies, offer mutual support, find out about a wonderful  therapy that came from The Monastery itself, marketing initiatives and professional development and much more…all  in a unique and relaxing environment ….best of all it is a legitimate tax deductible expense!!

The seminars are 7 days, beginning 11th August, 18th August, 25thAugust and 1st September and are filling up fast.  The total cost of the seminar, including accommodation and meals is just £425 per participant

Fifty Reasons Why You Should Attend –

  1. Learn new information
  2. Meet new people and share experiences
  3. Brainstorm your ideas and get immediate feedback
  4. Get new product or service ideas by hearing about needs in your industry
  5. Get spin off ideas from others, meaning, you might tell someone you main idea and then they’ll suggest you create something slightly different
  6. Evaluate the latest tools and technology to help grow your business
  7. Hear the same information you might know already but from a different angle from a different person so that you have an even better understanding of the topic
  8. Allow time for creativity by getting away from your daily routine and working “on” your business instead of “in” your business
  9. Get inspiration from success stories shared by others you meet
  10. Be with like-minded people for engaging conversation and meet new friends who understand you
  11. Practice your networking skills
  12. Expand your social networking followers by inviting them to connect with you online
  13. It’s a tax write-off
  14. Increase your email list by getting other peoples’ business cards and contacting them later to have them sign-up to be on your list
  15. Get away from your normal work environment for a week
  16. Hear stories of what to avoid
  17. Have someone interview you for a potential product for sale
  18. Get video testimonials while you’re there
  19. Settle your fears
  20. Verify a hunch you have about a topic or issue impacting your business by hearing the views of others
  21. Troubleshoot a problem you have that can only be solved by others who would attend a similar seminar
  22. Enjoy  therapy shares
  23. Transform your mood from being at a plateau to one of new possibilities
  24. Teach others what you know about your topic
  25. Restore confidence in yourself that you are in the right industry and that your perseverance to succeed is worth while
  26. Recognise areas of opportunity that your business could be taking advantage of instead of being content with stagnation
  27. Realign your priorities so that your work time is better spent going forward
  28. Plan a new direction and kill an old one if you find out your old ways are dead
  29. Overcome the fear of mixing and mingling with people you don’t know
  30. Acquire continuing education credit
  31. Locate others who support people in your business
  32. Launch a product/service of your own to a targeted audience by spreading the word and passing out flyers.
  33. Formulate a new business venture if you run into just the right person
  34. Diagnose problem areas in your business because another attendee went through the same problem
  35. Disprove a roadblock that’s been preventing you from meeting your goals
  36. Conceptualise a new business
  37. Compare your success with others you meet
  38. Accelerate your skills faster than reading a book in most cases
  39. Believe there is hope for success
  40. Build traffic to your website by passing out your business cards and giving people a reason to contact you
  41. Critique the work, ideas, websites of others because it’s not all about you
  42. Earn money by making a sale to someone who needs what you offer
  43. Make money by promoting an affiliate product to someone when the opportunity comes up in conversation
  44. Separate yourself from family so that you can focus on business
  45. Test headlines, book titles, product names to get peoples’ reactions and suggestions
  46. Reconnect with old friends you made at previous seminars
  47. Because it’s fun
  48. Because you are worth it
  49. Because the world needs you
  50. Because you can and the tax man will pay you to attend.

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