“You’re always talking about the Law of Attraction and all the good things that have come into your life since you found out about it – so, tell me about it” she said to me as we sat chatting over our weekly catch-up cup of coffee in our favourite café.


I’d been waiting for such an invitation and now it was laid down, I didn’t quite know where to start.  So I decided the best place to start was with a story.


I used to live in Dubai. When we first arrived there, we only had one car. My husband worked very unsociable hours which meant that I had to take him and collect him from work at very unsociable hours! And there was more – when he was on stand-by, I couldn’t use the car in case he was called out.  So I decided we needed a second car.  He said – Definitely no second car!  But I knew otherwise.


I went out to the garage and moved the 4×4 we already had to one side, leaving the other side free for a second car.  I then got 4 pieces of A4 paper from the printer and some small stones from the garden to anchor the papers and I placed them where the wheels would go.  He came out to see what I was doing and I told him he had to park over on the right side, leaving a space on the left for the second car.  Again he said, a little more emphatically, ‘No second car!’ and he walked away shaking his head, and undoubtedly questioning my sanity!


But by the end of the week we had a second car!


How did the car come into our lives? A work colleague of my husband had to return to England for emergency health care. The family would not be returning to Dubai and were selling their car. It just so happened that my husband was in the office when the colleague was discussing the sale of his car, and decided to buy it!  The Law of Attraction pulled all the similar vibrations together and delivered my second car!


And that’s how easily the Law of Attraction can deliver whatever you create.  Of course there is more to it than just positive thinking or even strategically placed pieces of A4 paper.  You can find out more from visiting my site –   www.rosetodd.com


I run a Law of Attraction Coaching and Mentoring programme and work from the Natural Therapy Centre, in Welwyn Garden City. There are details on my site or email me onrose@rosetodd.com


Until I meet you again, with another story of the Law of Attraction, keep well.


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