Re-examine all you have been told in school or church or in any book,
and dismiss whatever insults your own soul.

~ Walt Whitman

More and more people are beginning to awaken to themselves as they figure out the inherent emptiness of a life rooted in mainstream beliefs and practices. The experience of life is not generally enhanced by anything promoted in the media or traditionally held as the limits of reality. None of it is enough, and most of it’s a distraction from what’s really important.


This phenomenon is driving the quest for deeper meaning in our lives and the rejection of the forms of existence permitted by the dominant ideologies of civilisation as we know it. It also fuels much of the extremist fundamentalism manifesting in opposition to the historically determined righteousness of the imperialist age and its ruling classes.

Those awakening and the awakeners are still in a minority, the latter more so than the former. But the way this works is that everyone who awakens becomes an awakener simply by their presence. As you awaken you stop resonating with the prevailing conventions; the mental, emotional and energetic hooks that tie you in loosen and dissolve; and you start emanating a different vibration – a different level of consciousness. And that means your energy field starts to influence the fields of those around you.

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