An uplifting thought for the weekend – take some time out for youself and think about your patients and clients.

I thank the White Eagle Lodge for providing me with this reading that I share with you with love.  Julie x

Imagine a beautiful temple, set in the midst of exquisite scenery …green meadows, banks of flowers … an open temple with seven pillars supporting the dome-shaped roof, its interior full of light and of the most beautiful soft, almost indistinguishable colours, the roof opened to the White Light, which contains within its ray all the seven colours of the rainbow, but so beautifully blended together tht they seem just one great white light.  Green seems to be the foundations, or harmonizing colour – beautiful green grass, banks of flowers … all the various shades of colour.
On the dais in the centre of this temple was the Shining One, who was to conduct, not an orchestra as you know it, but one invisible.  when this shining figure raised his rod of power, or baton, there was a tuning in of the invisible orchestra.  All around, on grassy slopes, or mossy beds, were patients, some not yet realesed from their physical bodies, still living on earth, but brought during the time they were asleep, very often put to sleep tso that they could be released from the physical body.  Then the rod of power was raised, and the tuning-in note sounded; and the gentle harmony of the orchestra gradually swelled, and colours seemed to flow from the baton, from the rod of power – more beautiful colours than you can ever see.  The colours were directed to the patients; and the interesting point is that as the patients listened, the psychic centre which needed the particular ray of power absorbed it… inmay cases all the sacred centres of the body were op[ened to absorb these beautiful colours, which were yet notes of music and harmony created by the direction, or the will, of the Shining One.


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