When you allow yourself dear ones, to see the beauty and perfection in your life, then and only then, will you find peace with yourself and the world. Look for the beauty and the perfecton, it is everywhere, in the perfect and the imperfect, for life is a mirror for you to see the beauty and perfection of yourself. Look within your heart dear ones, see through the eyes of love, there is nothing to fear, for all is unfolding exactly as is intended, and for the good of all, let go of your stories, hold your vision of love and beauty, perfection in all of life, for you are the creators of all that you see and as you see, as you believe, you create. Dream it, see it, enjoy it NOW! We are your brothers and sisters in the light and we love you Now and Always in all ways xx

© 2012 Kimberley Lovell  www.KimberleyLovell.com


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