If you’ve decided you want something, how are you going about it?
Where are you in the process?  How close are you to making it happen?

Are you living with

  • a lack or pain that you want to leave behind
  • a dream, wish or hope for a better future
  • an inspiring, joyous idea that motivates you to take action
  • an absolute certainty, determination, and belief related to your deepest desires, life purpose and passion?

Are you working with

  • a direction and intention
  • a clear goal
  • a step by step plan that’s ready to go
  • an active process you’re using, but one that can get hijacked by events
  • a structure that keeps you on track, with back up, accountability, people and processes, flexible enough to get you there
  • a system that has become a way of life, with everything you’ve got, every decision you make, every experience you learn from,  inevitably taking you to where you are meant to be

What do you need to create the reality you desire, the life you want to be living?   What will set you free?

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Love, light and laughter,

Jen Tiller
Founder of Healerzone
NLP Trainer, EFT Practitioner, Reiki Teacher, Buteyko Breathing mentor


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