You may already be aware that our bodies are at their best when they have the right PH balance.  Generally speaking, that’s a slightly alkaline state – except for stomach acid and the skin’s acid mantle etc.

Most people assume that diet is the only thing they can change to improve their body’s acid/alkali balance. Did you know that you can also make a significant difference by changing your breathing?

You may be surprised to learn that you need a certain amount of carbon dioxide in the body to maintain a healthy alkaline state, affects both your oxygen uptake and immune system function.

If you are overbreathing (breathing too much or too shallowly eg: blowing up a lot of balloons) you will lose carbon dioxide too early in the breathing cycle.   Habitual overbreathing is known as hyperventilation syndrome.  A bit doesn’t matter for a few minutes, but a serious drop in CO2 levels can have you pass out just as quickly as a lack of oxygen.  Overbreathing can become a habit after a period of pain, stress or a dose of flu etc, and even at a minor level it will have an impact on your stamina.

The long-term consequences can be significant, more so if overbreathing becomes quite severe, and may include immune system issues such as M.E.; asthma, hay fever and related conditions; high blood pressure and more, depending on your genetic predisposition.   Of course, if you’re an athlete, just having reduced stamina and recovery rate is enough to be an issue, without any health problems!

Did you know that there are lots of elements of the breathing process which you can control, and as a result upgrade the way you breathe habitually?  It’s possible to tweak factors such as how fast you breathe, which muscles you use, if or when you pause in the cycle, mouth or nose breathing, how audible it is, how much tension you bring to it, how many litres per minute, how many breaths per minute, what you think about it and how you use all those elements in relation to your level of activity. Since most of that is normally below conscious awareness, it really helps to have someone give you feedback and guidance!

There are simple exercises you can do that improve your breathing and also provide measurable feedback, so you can adjust what you’re doing in a useful way. After a while, it all becomes a healthy new habit, and you can just let your body get on with it.

If you’re curious about how all of that could work for you, please give me a call or message in the contact box below.

Jen Tiller
Founder of Healerzone, with my Breathing Coach hat on!
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