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Here is a therapeutic story I wrote to help create and support wholeness and connection. It has multiple layers and quite a lot of hypnotic language, and is suitable for everyone, especially young children at bedtime. I hope you enjoy it.
(This one’s all my own work, so if you share or use it please provide my details /link to this blog. Thanks for your care.)

Twice upon a time, a small girl sat alone, smiling quietly to herselves. Once here, and once there, she, or rather they, wove a spiral of light. One girl, one light, two beginnings. In opposite directions, rolling the light into a rainbow, and beyond into a ribbon of stars, the girl and herself stretched the light, pulling it like taffy.

The light formed an arch, then many arches, until it became a dome of light and stars over many entrances. The shapes were lit by a golden moon, shadowing a drift of beauty in the night. Held in place by wonder, as if caught in a space between universes, the arches stood on the floor of a summer valley.  Pleasant breezes made music beyond hearing, and wrapped the building in comfort.

Happy with her play, the girl met herself under the middle of the dome, and together explored the space. Beginnings are such curious things. They  inevitably wonder about where they will end, and how they will get there, and will they still be the same beginning as they started out? All good questions, but the girl has no need to answer them, for she and herself are outside of time, and can choose not only the ending, but the direction. Which makes for another question: are endings curious about their beginnings?

And circles of course, are stranger and more mysterious still; though only until you get to be friends with them. Upside down, and back to front, the dome overhead is a circle of circles in which to get lost and found again in other dimensions of time and space. Most people forget to look up, but of course you can remember!

Floating up a drift of leftover moonlight the girl that began it all – that is, both of herselves on a roundabout of time – peered through the light of the dome at a dozen or more different worlds. The differences were small, but fun. World portals, apparently, were even better than expected.

One of herselves was most curious about the portals with blue and cream edging, the other found the golden portals more engaging. Naturally, if anything particularly exciting came into view, she each called out to herself, describing mountains filled with gems, streams of liquid ice, and skies filled with points of fire. Strange creatures flew on soft wings, calling musically to one another. From the ground grew slender beings of wondrous softness and colour, waving fine tendrils in the breeze. The winds carried sweet scents, while the air was crisp and clear. Comfort, peace and beauty were around and within, each breath a soft inhalation of joyful delight.

Together they separately gathered up their experiences in golden nets of wonder and brought them back under the dome, pouring them out on the soft air to share and explore. The girl who knew herself to be the beginning and ending, danced with she of the ending and beginning, and together they created a beautiful wholeness anew.

Wishing you love, light and laughter,
Jen x

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