Forums (as opposed to Group forums) are visible to the general public as well as members. They are simply discussions arranged by topic.  Each Forum can have multiple topic threads, started by members.

Click on the main tab, and the Forum Home page appears. You’ll see a list with topics in Red, description or expanded theme below.  Click on the red link to go the the discussion.

Click on a topic, and a comment box appears.

There are a few options on the toolbar at the top of the comment box – hover over each icon for details. You can add a picture, make a list, make the font bold, italic, centred etc.  If you want to add a live link, hi-lite the text you want to link, click on the ‘chain link’ icon and put the full URL in the box (http: etc) then click the green INSERT button.  When you’re done, click either the Preview button to check and edit, or the REPLY button to post your comment.

Use the back arrow, or the Forum Home button to go back to the full list of threads.

You can create a new Forum from the Forum Home page (click the Create Forum button)  and a new thread within an existing Forum by clicking the Create Topic button.  Please use a short, clear topic title and provide more information below to make it clear what the purpose and focus of the discussion is to be about.

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