Some people struggle with sales and marketing in general, not sure if it’s the right approach for a heart centred business.  REMEMBER:  You can’t help people who don’t know you exist!

We are all much more likely to buy from people we know, like and trust.   Social media simply helps you get in front of a lot more people so you can become the go-to-person for your ideal clients.  It gives you the opportunity to be in front of them more often, without having to physically go somewhere.  You can tailor your marketing to match your ethics, using your authentic voice to ensure your ideal clients resonate with your message.

Ultimately, social media platforms are the online equivalent of face to face business networking, cold calling and advertising all rolled into one.  They offer huge opportunities to connect, to build relationships, to educate, and cross refer with colleagues.

It’s a standard marketing awareness that it takes multiple ‘touches’ of advertising connection before someone will take action to pick up a phone, go to your website, and at least find out more.  Newspapers and the phone book have long taken a back seat – people go to Google, ask their friends on Facebook and Twitter to recommend someone, and look at the carefully targeted ads placed there because of the key words they have used in their profile or (privacy is no more) their posts and messages.  You have to be where your potential clients can find you.

There’s no point just having a social media presence because you’ve been told you ‘should’. If you aren’t comfortable with it, or simply don’t know how to make the most of it, you can rapidly get overwhelmed, or happily distracted.  Social media includes valuable information, interesting trivia, and downright misinformation about every conceivable topic.  To use it effectively for business, stay focused on what you want to say, who you want to engage with, and what sort of reputation you want to build!


There are well over a hundred different social media platforms and it’s not possible to use them all, let alone effectively.  To make them work for you, it’s important to understand their purpose, the differences between them, and most importantly, what YOUR purpose is for going on to them!  Pick 2 or 3 you can enjoy using and create a regular presence on them.
Stay aware: social media platforms are constantly changing the rules, but Facebook, Twitter etc don’t send you messages when it happens, so stay alert!

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