There’s a big connection between self-worth and the value we place on what we do.  Charging a healthy amount for services can be a source of inner conflict for many people in the well-being industries.

If you’re struggling to put a monetary number on your services, whether it’s because you ‘don’t want anyone to be unable to afford me’, ‘it’s just a gift, I should give it away’, or any other reason please remember

* you can’t keep helping people if you go broke and can’t afford to do so

* that what you offer is more likely to be taken seriously if you charge appropriately

* you’ve spent not just money on training, but a lifetime gaining experience.  It’s not just about an hourly rate.

* you got a lot out of the techniques you now offer, didn’t you?  Other people will feel the same when you’ve helped them!

* It’s all just an energy exchange.  Money is just a concept.  You give a lot, from a generous heart.  You love to give, don’t you?   It’s mean not to let other people give back.

* The more money your earn, the more you can give away – via charity, scholarships etc if you like.  You can’t share the wealth if you’re broke too.

* Create products to give away, that don’t take up your time.  Rather than seeing endless numbers of people for low or no pay, write/record what you say to them time after time.  The generic questions they always ask, the stuff you always have to go through.   Do it once, share it to an unlimited number of people.  You’ll be able to help more people and at the same time free up your life to work with people who value you enough to pay for your precious, and very limited, time.

* To be a good role model, you have to value yourself.  Would you EVER suggest that someone else wasn’t worth it?

* To keep up your training, to be the best you can be, the most appropriate people to pay for it are the clients that you are helping long term.

Remember the Healerzone motto:

Love, light and laughter, Jen

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