Is your life as you want it to be? Are you one of the few that are actually living their dreams? Do you know that you can have the happiness and success that you dream about?
You can. You can build a better life.

Whether you achieve what you want in life or life or not, depends on your mind-set: your attitude. It depends on how you look at life. Do you know that you can chose to look at life differently? You can chose to see the good in all there is around you and when you do that, you feel happier.

Happiness and success is a way of living that involves understanding how life works: knowing about the Law of Attraction and how you interact with this Universal Law to create your life. And it’s all done with your mind. Your mind is incredibly powerful and you can create everything you want, when you know how.

When you take control of your thoughts (a difficult thing for a lot of us, I know) but when you guide your thoughts to where you want to go, it conjurers up happier feelings. Try this and see what happens. Just before you fall asleep, think of something specific you want to happen the next day: imagine it and feel the feelings of it happening. And then drift off to sleep. As you wake in the morning, in that soft luxurious time before waking completely, imagine the same thought and feel the feelings. The feelings are the most important part.
And notice what happens during the day.

One word of advice – keep it simple. Visualise a parking place or being given a book you’ve been wanting; or perhaps unexpectedly meeting a friend. Hold the feelings you conjured up and see what the day delivers. You might be surprised – and you’ll have a really good day.

Deliberately deciding what you want in life and then creating it, will bring you great joy. I call that Conscious Living and it’s very empowering.

I have a free download E-book too: Seven Secrets of Manifestation on my website. Have a look: I’m sure you’ll like it.

I’ve changed my life by consciously guiding my thoughts and I’ve helped others change their lives. If you’d like help creating the things you want in your life, I can help you too.
Just drop me a line or give me a ring.
Rose Todd
0774 802 1887


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